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Recording: $35/hr.

Mixing: $50/song

Mastering: $25/song

On-set recording: $40/hr.

Audio for Film: $30/hr.

Podcasts: $30/hr. 

Pay for 1 hour of studio time to reserve, or pay ahead of time.

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Mixing: After the recording process which takes place in the studio, mixing is the next step. This is the process of making all the elements of music level out to become a whole. This is easier said than done and it includes audio processing such as: editing, equalization, compression, limiting, automation, etc.

 It is best to have different engineers do the mixing and recording processes separately. So if I did the tracking, I would send the mixing out to another engineer to mix.

 Mastering: What comes next is the process called mastering. This is when the master track is treated to make all the separate tracks in an album flow together. They must all sound just as "loud" as the next song and have the same sonic characteristics. Now-a-days with the invention of mp3s, artists release singles onto iTunes. Mastering is still relevant in this case becase the music of today still needs to be as loud as the next hit single out there. Music today is ridiculously loud compared to music in the past decades and that comes through audio compression and limiting in order to achieve that loudness.

Just like in the mixing process, it is better to have a different engineer who did not mix, do the mastering process. I can, however, do all these steps if desired. 


On-Set Recording: I can also bring recording equipment to live events for recording. Check out under the demos section in SoundCloud an event I did for a College Percussion Rectial. I was able to set up all the equipment in a large room where the recital was taking place and then took the files home for mixing and mastering.


Audio for Film: All video-related content needs good audio in order to look professional. I am equipped with a boom mic, pole, portable recording device, etc. to capture audio for a film. I have also worked on adding Foley, sound effects, and ADR on short films (see demos). I have set the price fairly cheap because I am still new to this area of audio.


 Podcasts: The studio is all set up to sit down and record a podcast. This is pretty much a talk show with a certain topic for every episode which is uploaded to the Internet and available for download. You could also bring in a camera for video footage and upload to YouTube and this will bring more views.